The Date is in The Details: the first things women notice about men

Recently, Anja from Alphamale Styling, and I got together to discuss how guys can make a great first impression when they meet a girl. As one of Toronto's best men's style consultants, Anja's word is gospel and I'm super excited to have been able to chat with her on the topic! Anja: Looking great goes … Continue reading The Date is in The Details: the first things women notice about men


Why I still Wear “Skate” Clothes

Many classic fashion and style trends have their roots in youth subculture. The mod culture of the 1960s, the punks of the 1970s, hip hop culture of the 1980s... the list goes on. The clothing choices that were adopted by their members remain a significant indicator of those subcultures and many of these styles have … Continue reading Why I still Wear “Skate” Clothes

Matching Colours in Your Wardrobe for Great Style

Building a wardrobe full of great looking pieces is only half the battle.


Why Young Professionals Should Care About Their Style

Let’s be real—the job market for young professionals doesn’t seem fantastic right now. Use your style to make sure you're not another statistic.


Learn to be Stylish, Not Trendy

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