Recently, Anja from Alphamale Styling, and I got together to discuss how guys can make a great first impression when they meet a girl. As one of Toronto’s best men’s style consultants, Anja’s word is gospel and I’m super excited to have been able to chat with her on the topic!

Anja: Looking great goes way beyond just throwing on a great looking shirt/pants combo. This is especially true when you’re looking to make a good first impression with a woman.

Wes: So, what do you think women are looking at when they meet a guy for the first time?

Anja: Every woman is different. But, I can tell you that it might not always be what you’re wearing. The devil is in the details. For me, the first 2 things I look at in a man is 1) how kept he is, and 2) what his shoe game is like.

Wes: Great point. Looking good not only means dressing well, it means making sure your personal hygiene is also on point.

RockteethAnja: Whether you’re a banker or a brick layer, if you want to get a woman’s attention, make sure your hands and nails are kept clean. Don’t forget teeth either. Brushing twice a day will ensure you never brandish a coffee stained smile. If The Rock does it, so should you, keep those whites pearly! And keep some floss handy at work, or in the car so you can dodge a smile fiasco after your spinach salad.

Wes: Speaking as someone with a nervous habit of picking at my fingernails, I know what a nightmare it can be to have bad looking set of digits. It’s an easy solution though. Regular fingernail maintenance should be a part of your routine every at least twice a week. Bring out the nail clipper and nail file and sculpt those bad boys into something that even Michelangelo would be impressed by.nailcare

Anja: Nail length is important. While women have the luxury of growing long nails, guys should be keeping theirs trimmed lower.

Wes: Grab a finger nail brush as well and keep it at your sink or in the shower. Dirt and debris will often get stuck underneath your nails making them look black and dirty. Don’t look like you’ve been playing in the sandbox all day. Give them a quick scrub to remove dirt and any dead skin.

Also, women are always going to check out your shoe game. Make sure what you’re rocking is suitable for your outfit and always stick to classic styles. Leather brogues for a dressed up look and clean white sneakers if you’re dressing down. You’d be surprised how far these two styles can go.


Anja: Keep your shoes clean and in good condition, too. This will also help with the longevity of these items. Invest in some shoe cleaning products and a pair of shoe trees to keep your shoes looking new for as long as possible. You might have great shoes on but if they’re dirty and worn out, it completely defeats the purpose.

Wes: Absolutely! If you’re rocking a pair of leather shoes, make like a young “Spit Shine” Tommy Devito from Goodfellas and go home and get your shinebox. Even gangsters need clean kicks!

If you keep these tips in mind, women will definitely take notice. You’ve heard women say it before, “it’s the little things that count.” Show her that you know what the little things are and what she can expect from you if she keeps you around.

Check out Anja of Alphamale Styling, one of Toronto’s premier men’s style consultants:


Instagram: @alphamale_styling


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