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I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that when it was announced that HBO`s How to Make it in America was not going to be renewed for a third season I was pretty upset. But almost one and a half years after the last episode aired I have come to terms with the show’s cancellation having finally realized how HBO filled the gap heading into 2012.

When the show first started it helped fill the void that Entourage had left after its finale. How to Make it had a similar story trajectory involving best friends from a New York borough on their way to discovering and achieving their dreams. It was refreshing in that rather than exploring the coveted Hollywood highlife, it delved into the trendy cultural haven of Brooklyn and New York City. The central characters Ben and Cam were believable and even likeable. By the end of the second season the story hadn’t progressed too much, yet you could tell things for the boys were about to takeoff.

When the news finally dropped, I just couldn’t understand why it would be cancelled so early into the story. Then, when I watched Girls, the confusion faded.

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Completely late to the game, I finally got around to watching one of HBO’s latest hits, Girls, about a group of twenty-somethings trying to figure out their life in New York. I have to admit that Girls is better. No offence to Mark Wahlberg, executive producer for How to Make it, but with Judd Apatow executive producing Girls, the show`s chance for success and acclaim are tenfold. Creator, Lena Dunham, captures young adulthood (I use the term adulthood loosely) in a way that is so revealing of a generation it’s hard to not get drawn into the world she has begun to depict, especially for someone like me who is the same age as the characters, give or take a year. The show is very relatable, albeit about mainly girls.

Unfortunately for How to Make it, there seems to be room on HBO for just one coming-of-age series based in the hipster hotbed of Brooklyn. Though it will be missed, the show can finally RIP knowing that much of what it came to represent has been salvaged by Lena Dunham and her Girls.


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