HarlemShakeJust like most of the other overnight viral videos, memes and social media firestorms that come and go faster than your memory after 8 shots of whiskey, eventually we wake-up one morning and ask ourselves “was this really my favourite thing on the internet for the last week/month/however long?”

Now I’ll be the first person to admit that there are some hilarious and generally clever, well thought out imitations of the Harlem Shake dance video that went catapulting across the web earlier this month in a viral fury. Here’s my favourite version. Some versions amassed more than 7 million YouTube hits in under a week and the parodies kept rolling through. I wonder how artist, Baauer, feels now that the videos have launched his song “Harlem Shake” into the center of the mediashpere. His song now sits at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, ahead of Rihanna, Macklemore and Taylor Swift, just to name a few.

However, nothing is more sobering than the following reaction video created by Chris McGuire under SchleppFilms that captures some of the feelings about the parodies from some of the Harlem natives themselves. None seem too happy about what the videos have done for the Harlem Shake as a Dance move and as a facet of Harlem culture.

Obviously, the videos are just for a quick, dirty laugh and shouldn’t be taken as any serious representation of the real dance move. Yet adopting the name comes with a certain level of responsibility so it’s understandable why the video got the reaction that it did from the folks of Harlem. Luckily for them, this trend will probably fall off any time now, the videos will take a seat next to Psy and Call Me Maybe and the rest of us can excitedly await the next big internet sensation.

Haven’t seen the Harlem Shake yet? Then you’re probably not reading this blog either. But come out from under your rock either way and check out the one-stop-shop Harlem Shake video for you to catch up.

Seen on Devour.com


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